Sweet Daddies Chipatti, Uganda

21 Oct Sweet Daddies Chipatti, Uganda


Arafat Mukembo has run a food stand known to locals as “Sweet Daddies Chipatti” for over 10 years in the Kampala neighborhood of Mulago. As the city has grown up around him, Arafat’s menu has remained pretty much the same; beans, rice, tea and a local chapatti-egg dish called a Rolex. One thing that has recently changed at Sweet Daddies is how the food stand uses energy.

Arafat recently took out a loan from Pride Microfinance for a 5W solar lighting system and an improved cook stove. Arafat learned of the opportunity to take out a clean energy loan at one of his regular loan group meetings, where an Energy Officer spoke with him about the savings his business could incur by switching to cleaner technology. Now instead of cooking by candle and kerosene light, Arafat and his workers enjoy bright clean lighting powered by the sun.

When asked about the improved cook stove Arafat grins widely and proudly explains,

“The stove is small but strong. It can take the big pot of beans with very little charcoal.”

Arafat estimates that he is saving at least 50,000 UGX or 20 USD a month on charcoal and kerosene.

“Our customers are happy to see what they are eating.”

With his solar lighting and an improved stove, Arafat might have the greenest food stand in Kampala.
(Sam Grant)