Creating clean energy access through microfinance

Around the world people gather on a weekly or daily basis to access financial services

What if accessing and financing clean energy were an integral part of that daily habit?

MEC is a clean energy distribution company that makes it easy for financial institutions to lend for clean energy



Financial institutions face

obstacles when they try to

lend for clean energy

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MEC provides a suite of

services that make

clean energy finance easy

Our Portfolio of Services

MEC offers the highest performing, best value clean energy products on the market

We vet clean energy products against international standards

We train financial institution staff on the advantages and specifications of each product

We work with cutting edge design companies that have innovated economic products targeted for rural markets

Our product company partners are committed to extended warrantees and reliable after sales service

All our product company partners have an excellent track record

Are you a financial institution?
MEC works with financial institutions to cut the red tape associated with clean energy lending, reducing burden on branch office staff

Typical MEC partners use loan applications of no more than one page

At some partner banks, loans can be finalized without a branch visit using advanced credit scoring technology


MEC uses mobile technology to build awareness, originate loans, facilitate orders and payments, and monitor carbon emission reductions

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MEC coordinates a network of local stockists who bring the clean energy products to the clients’ doorstep, building local economies and alleviating supply constraints

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MEC works with financial institution staff to build expertise, and recognize accomplishments in clean energy finance

Local financial institution staff know their clients well, and with some training can help their communities access the clean energy solutions that serve them best

Each financial institution becomes a green bank as staff members actively advise and promote adoption of clean energy to their clients

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Our local teams are trained on all products and are able to resolve product issues quickly and efficiently. Our local distribution network makes product replacements quick, maintaining a confident relationship between clients, suppliers, and financial institutions in case of a manufacturing issue.


By reaching high volumes and tracking our product installation data with our carbon tracking software, we are able to certify carbon credits in India, Kenya, and Mongolia. Money from carbon credit sales is shared with local financial institutions to help scale their clean energy programs.

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MEC is the world leader in microfinance and clean energy

A clean energy finance portfolio should include three categories of products

that have enormous economic and health benefits to most households

Empowered financial customers make good energy decisions

How do we de-risk energy finance?




in annual fuel saving and expenditure


tonnes of CO2 emissions reduced

Our tech platform unlocks the flow of money and information

MEC is proud to be backed by leading impact investor Insitor Capital Fund


Our goal is to create a society of clean energy leaders

Meet some of the clean energy finance leaders in our network

Bold Magvan (square)
I am amazed with MEC's exceptional contribution in turning XacBank into a green bank.

Bold Magvan, CEO XacBank

Meet more of our clean energy finance leaders around the world

“My vision for MEC is to advance clean energy across the developing world, and inspire even the richest countries to adopt climate financing solutions.”

April Allderdice, CEO