15 Feb Clean Energy Coder, India – CLOSED

REPORTS TO: Lead Developer

LOCATION: India, Mumbai preferred

COMPENSATION: INR 1,675 to 2,350 per hour

Application Requirements:

CV, cover letter, links to LinkedIn and Github profiles, and examples of code to applications@microenergycredits.com with the subject line “Clean Energy Coder”. Please submit your application by 1 March 2017. Early applications encouraged and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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MEC requires a part-time developer to modify and support an existing application. The app is written in Rails 3.2, uses Postgres backend, and is deployed on Heroku. The app is a moderately complex data processing, management, editing, and reporting system. It is also built to accept data dumps from partner organizations.  As a Clean Energy Coder you will contribute to innovative technology solutions to clean energy, finance, and mobile industries.

This developer will work in direct contact with Microenergy Credits’ Carbon Team in Mumbai, India.  Occasional meetings in Mumbai are required. The work will be fairly independent, but under the supervision, design advice, and code review of the original developer, located in the USA. Regular telemeetings in English with the USA are required.
After learning the codebase, the developer will need to evaluate change requests, estimate the work required, and then perform the work under those estimates.

Required Experience
  • SQL and large data set manipulation
  • Rails 3, or other relevant language
  • Rails with Postgres backend
  • Heroku deployment
Required Skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with colleagues from different backgrounds.
  • Flexibility and strong work ethic, especially when working remotely.
Bonus Experience
  • Software work for retail, product, distribution, accounting, or banking.
  • Rails 4+, for later upgrade
  • Direct customer support on custom software
Bonus Skills
  • Interest and passion for environmental issues and clean energy promotion.
Work Amount

MEC envisions full-time (40 hours/week) work commitments beginning mid-March and lasting through the first week of May.  After this, MEC expects a normal work schedule of 10-30 hours per month, with surges every 3-6 months requiring 2-3 weeks of full time work.


INR 1,675 to 2,350 per hour, commensurate with experience and relevant skills.

About MicroEnergy Credits

MicroEnergy Credits is a social enterprise that enables greater access to clean energy for poor people around the world by tapping the carbon market to expand access to capital.  By helping microfinance institutions (MFIs) provide microloans for clean energy technologies, those in the greatest need can purchase solar lighting for their home or business and smoke-free stoves for their kitchens. With financing, clean energy technologies become more affordable than wood or fossil fuels while offering a cleaner, safer and more efficient energy source. More than 3 million people have already adopted clean energy as a result of MEC’s financing program in Asia and Africa.

MEC is a fast-moving, innovative team which leverages global trends and advancements in mobile platforms, mobile money, social media, and technology to streamline financial, product delivery, and after sales operations.

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