Creating value chains that promote access to clean energy

Using existing financial networks, we create a new clean energy value chain

Our goal is to create a society of clean energy leaders

Challenge #1: Distribution

The Problem

Most clean energy companies only offer distribution to major cities

Our Solution

Our tech platform coordinates a last-mile network of local stockists, reaching the doorsteps of rural households

MEC stockist testimonial_channels page
I get good commissions from being a clean energy stockist. Each day about 300-500 customers come to my shop and more are attracted by these products on display. MEC and Canara Bank have helped me improve my business.

Veena – Stockist in Karnataka, India


Challenge #2: Financing

The Problem

Banks have capital to lend for clean energy, but the loan size is often too small to justify the effort

Our Solution

Our awareness program creates a critical mass of clean energy customers

MEC Preeti Testimonial
The loan can be paid back using the money saved from buying less fuel. So it will not only be beneficial, but can be reinvested into the development of my self-help group and the advancement of each woman.

Preeti – Program Manager at Ragiv Ghandi Foundation, India

Challenge #3: Risk

The Problem

Within financial institutions, many care about clean energy but cannot provide loans due to perceived risk

Our Solution

We bring expertise and support to de-risk clean energy so that banks can step up as clean energy leaders

MEC B.G. Ravu testimonial
The MEC loan helps up achieve priority sector targets. Since the installments are very small and the rate of interest is also very low, repayment rates are good. There is no burden.

B G Raju – Bank Manager in Karnataka, India

We have operations in three regions