Technology enhances our reach

Mobile transactions make money and information travel faster in rural areas

MEC uses mobile technology to increase transparency and facilitate transactions

Challenge #1: Customer Awareness

The Problem

Customer awareness of clean energy alternatives is low in many areas

Our Solution

MEC uses videos on smartphones to create awareness around clean energy products

MEC Bank Manager Testimonial
The uptake of the EcoMoto (Clean Energy) Loan due to its integration with the Equity “My Life” mobile platform is very, very encouraging. I would say this is low-lying fruit and is one way to build on our loan database.

George Maina | Equity Bank Manager, Embu, Kenya

Challenge #2: Monitoring

The Problem

Certifying carbon credits requires monitoring of the households where clean energy products are being used

Our Solution

MEC’s cloud-based Credit Tracker technology makes tracking carbon credits easy for financial institutions

Challenge #3: Orders and Payments

The Problem

Our stockist network requires many small orders and payments for clean energy products

Our Solution

MEC uses a mobile phone based ordering and payment system to facilitate many small orders and payments coming in each day

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